Bang Your Bookie’s Wife: A Sports Betting Podcast

Rainman, Capper and Joe Public are three friends with pretty much one thing in common: They all lost their virginity at a Buffalo Wild Wings. Also, they bet on sports — and make money (like actually). Tune in for weekly episodes exploring the best lines, most soul-crushing beats, and frequent CELEBRITY* guest picks! We hit over 60% during college football season. Basketball? Forget about it, we own basketball. Mexican League Baseball? A work in progress. It‘s shocking we give these picks away for free. Seriously, how do you monetize podcasts? *Depending on how you define the word. Contact: Instagram/TikTok: @bangyourbookieswife Twitter: @BYBWpodcast

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Sunday Apr 28, 2024

We all watched Shogun so we talked about it. If you haven't watched Shogun, definitely listen to this podcast it'll make a lot of sense and you'll love it. 

Thursday Apr 04, 2024

Also there's a college football super league just like everyone predicted yay

Thursday Mar 28, 2024

Oh boy it's the Sweet Sixteen yaaaay

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

We go team by team, many of which we've heard of, and somehow some way have selected the first perfect bracket in NCAA history. Why is it so easy?

Friday Jan 12, 2024

Oh boy! You thought we were dead? Us too! But we rise again like that Untertaker.gif. We're back fufflin' for the first time in a minute and boy oh boy is there plenty to fuffle about. 

Friday Dec 15, 2023

It's Week 1 of perhaps THE most meaningless bowl season and BYBW is coming at it with a new strategy that is certain to make you millions (if it hits) (which it will) (maybe)

Friday Dec 01, 2023

It's conference championship week. We argued a lot.

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

This is it: The Super Bowl for needed distractions to avoid your close relatives. BYBW has provided with a little longer episode where we review what we're grateful for, why you shouldn't suck out of unfamiliar vapes and of course picks for Ohio State @ Michigan, TCU @ Texas, FSU @ Florida, the Apple Cup and so many more. I'm not sure if it helps our search/SEO stuff if I type out the name of the games in this description, so I'm trying it but it feels unnatural. 



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